Endless Revelations

© Justin Lumiere, 2015

As it may have been noticed, I have more recently taken down most of the photographs from my Justin Lumiere, Photographer page (on Facebook), pertaining to work for I have done for hire.

I will no longer be offering my services as a photographer for hire.

This choice comes with a few small exceptions of people whom I have promised to work with as trade for using them as subjects in my personal work. The reason I have done this is because, over the last decade, I have done a lot of work for hire for various clients. While I am grateful for all of the clients I have worked with, and the fantastic work I've done for them, it was not something I was passionate about. Photography has always been a joy, and one of the most intense loves of my life, and I realized that the work I was doing for hire was causing me to view photography in general as work, rather than as a passionate way for me to express myself. I had lost my voice as an artist, and was only creating work based on what people asked me to do for them. This is not to say that other professional photographers who do work for hire don't have a voice — I have made many friends over the years who work in this area and who create astounding and beautiful imagery, but I realized that this is no longer the place where I want my work to live.

I have been meaning for some time now to get back to creating the kind of work which I am most passionate about — work which allows me to make social, emotional, and anthropological comments on my life, and the world. The past two years I have spent at Maine College of Art have reawakened and reinvigorated my passion and love for creating art through the camera, and over the summer it is my aim to begin rebuilding my body of work to show the same passion and vigor I had in the work I was creating nearly a decade ago — to once again find my voice as an artist.
I want to say, “Thank you," to everyone I have worked with over the years, the people whom I will continue to work with, and those whom I have yet to meet in my future. I look forward to creating new work in this direction inspired by cinema, scientific exploration, and the existential range of human emotion.