What if our spaces inform who we are?

Since the last post a lot has happened. I conducted the first series of interviews—about 30 students from both Graphic Design and Illustration. I’m realizing that this is a crazy idea to do as, not only do I need to be part of the interview process for the more than 100 graduating seniors with the curatorial team, but I will also need to meet with every one of these same students to interview them on my own for this catalog. I am gathering a lot of information, taking a lot of photographs, and hoping I can do everything by the deadline.
    This week I also got some help with potential funding; MECA has an incredible resource called, Artists at Work, run by Jessica Tomlinson. The main directive for Artists at Work is to help students better themselves, their work, and help prepare them for "the real world.” Jessica also happens to be the incredible human being who helped me to get my first solo exhibition for my Colorforms series in 2015. Artists at Work helps seniors greatly by providing the Professional Development Series, which provides weekly lectures on subjects such as how to market yourself as an artist, how to talk to galleries or museums, how to write a good resume, and much more. A gracious, anonymous donor helps to provide funding for this series—funds which may only be used to enhance the experience towards professional development for students. This is where funds may be able to come from, as this will be a professional experience for students, being interviewed about their work and working with a designer on how to inform others about the work they are doing, as well as having the experience of there work being published in a book. The best part is that each student will be able to leave with their own copy of this book at no cost to them. The proposal to use these funds for the book needs to be approved, and we should find out by the 22nd of February if we have a green light were not.