What if our spaces inform who we are?

This week, my thesis changed. I was able to meet one-on-one with both my department mentor, as well as with my thesis projects supervisor, and while they both believe that I can do this catalogue, they don't believe I can do it in the short timeframe we have to work on thesis here at MECA. I agree with them both.
    They both noted that they think it is good that I push myself to learn more by taking assignments further, making them more complicated than the original idea. However, they had each done work on catalogues for museums and galleries, and each time they had a team of people with more than a year for production. When we tried to line up dates for deliverables from the students, we realized that it is unreasonable to rely on students (who are already stressed out working on their thesis) to get images and text of their work in early enough so that I could combine them into the pages with the interviews I have been conducting, in a timely enough fashion that I could have the book ready for press by the end of April. Now what?…
    I've spent the past few days trying to figure out how to adjust my thesis. The initial suggestion was to continue on with the exact same idea, but not in use information from each of the students thesis work. I felt that losing out on the thesis work made the catalogue have no purpose. Not to be punny, but it really bookended the idea. Without seeing how their studio spaces informed on their final product, if felt as though the catalogue would be missing out on something. I finally reached the decision to scaled-down everything, and focus on one person per major. This would allow me to spend more time with each student, and get more information about them and their work. I have contacted a handful of students to gauge their interest, As well as ask advice from other students who they think I should interview. My hope is that I will have made some sort of progress by my next blog post.