6 weeks away

During this past week, I have been doing more book tests and trying to finish up all of my research. The book tests are going slowly as I have yet to finish writing my continuing thread for the book. In a recent meeting with my professor, he made note (again) of the fact that I am doing far more work for this book than a designer typically would. Designers are normally handed all of the information (in this case: interviews, photos, and final book copy) fully edited and ready to be assembled. In this case, I couldn’t proceed this way. I wanted to make the contents of this book reflect my journey both as an artist and through my investigation. It may not have been the smartest idea to take on all of this additional work in an academic setting (where it is necessary to adhere to a strict timeline for due dates), but I wanted the contents of my thesis project to reflect my passion for learning as much as possible. 
     This week I conducted a second interview with Greta in the ceramics department as the direction of my book changed from when I first met with her. No longer being about the spaces artist’s work in, I needed to further investigate what she has been able to learn about herself through her art making practices. Through her interviews, I have begun to understand her need to express how nostalgic she is about her childhood memories through the ceramic works she is making, and how I can apply the same thought process to my own work. 
     While I am still writing and collecting data, I am using dummy text to create a formula for how I want my book to be formatted. Classmates such as Mollie Ennis have been helpful in my investigation of type. I got a subscription to Adobe’s Typekit last semester and have barely used it. I have a plethora of typefaces available to me on my MacBook, and have been reluctant to seek out new typefaces due to technical issues with packaging files, and used that as my excuse when deciding to let my subscription go to waste. However, Mollie has been an incredible resource in showing me some of her favorite typefaces, and how to easily find various font families. One type family I have taken a particular liking to is Museo Slab. I know this may sound a trivial thing for a designer to be realizing in their final semester of their senior year in an art school design program, but it was an important step for me to take into a world of letterforms that seem almost too numerous.
     Next week I will be finalizing my interviews and getting some of the last shots I need. For now—back to work!