What If I’m Not Doing Enough?

I have been afraid that I’m not doing enough on my thesis. I don’t feel far enough along because I had to restart a little more than a month into the semester and I don’t have my book’s body copy done. I decided to take stock of what I’ve done so far, and I’m amazed at the amount of data I have gathered. From the first day of class this semester through this blog post, I have amassed the following:

47.03 GB of data (total thus far)
1,150 photographs (raw/unedited)
09:02 hrs audio (from interviews)
98 typed pages of transcriptions (also from interviews)
37 typed pages of notes (more to come)
10 blog posts (so far)
Housed on 1 MacBook Pro (13”, 2013 edition)
Backed up on 2 external hard drives, and in the cloud

Running those numbers makes me feel better in that I can see and show that I have been doing a significant amount of work. I still have a lot left to do though before I will be finished. 

Two things which have been incredibly helpful this week are my wife and Trint (www.trint.com). Going through more than 9 hours of audio takes a lot of time to transcribe, and as I am a very slow typer, transcribing was the main reason why I don’t have my body copy finished yet. I searched online for a transcription service and stumbled onto Trint, who offers a price far lower than any other service as they use a dictation software. After their program took a stab at the transcribing, I was able to listen to the audio while going through the transcription and make adjustments where necessary. I would defiantly use their service again, and recommend it to others as it saved me a significant amount of time, and didn’t cost me too much. For the few audio files which are hard to hear, my wife has offered to help by taking some of her free time (which is rare for her to have) to transcribe what was too hard for the online service to hear. She’s amazing, and definitely my favorite human.

I still have a lot of work to do. More later…