What if my thesis finally had a title?

I have finally begun major design work for my thesis book, and I have a title: “In Their Own Words.” 
With the transcribing process finished, and the first round of editing complete, I finally feel confident in proceeding with the major design choices. I only feel comfortable now because I did some early tests with dummy text that gave me no clue as to how long each section should be. As I wanted the contents (the juxtaposed image and text) of the book to compliment each other as much as they form on each other, it was necessary to define the length of the text first. Knowing this, I have finally felt free to design the placement of images around said transcribed text. 
This first draft is very basic and simple and I understand that there will be variations on the design as a part of the iterative process. The main sources of inspiration in the design have come from looking through the dozens os exhibition catalogues I have at home from museums across the country. The text is equally important to the text, and as such, I have turned to National Geographic magazines for further inspiration on how to treat text an images with equal weight and importance.
Without having completed the final section, I sit before an 88 page book, which I expect to balloon to more than 140 pages once completed. There is much work to continue to do from this point as I still feel that there are not enough images, and the design is not as dynamic as I would like it to be. Then again, this is a first draft.